"You're crippled..."

The first time I heard that word.

          “You are crippled.”  Who? Me?  “Yes; you are crippled.”  The words were like poison arrows shooting into my heart.  My best friend, how could she say that to me?  Nobody ever told me.  How could it be true?  I denied her words, they were ugly.  I said, “I AM NOT!”

            “You can’t walk,” she continued, “because you are crippled.”  Boy, that was tough logic for a five year old.  I couldn’t come up with a rebuttal.  I didn’t know I’d get called “crippled” just because I couldn’t walk.  I could beat the best of them scooting on the floor.

            Pretty soon Nadine had to go home.  I was glad when she left so I could ask my Mom if what she said was true.  I was pretty sure Nadine was wrong and my Mom would mend my broken heart.  She didn’t.  I cried and cried.  I didn’t want that word to describe me.

            And to this day, I hate that word!


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