Better off trying something

My experience with Pamidronate and rodding for my child

Hi my name is Angie Wiseman and I am a parent of a little girl with OI.  We have been on the pamidronate since she was 3 months old at Shriners Hospital in Oak Park IL.  I feel that she has gained a huge advantage over kids who started later.  Adrianna is 34 inches long and keeps growing.  She has had her legs rodded, both upper and lower.  We have not tried walking yet because she just got the lower legs done on APR. 14,  I believe she will though.  I am looking forward to tell more about my bright little girl as she gets older.  She has pulled through anything put in her way.  She is a strong and smart child!!  I just wanted everyone to know that as a parent you wonder if you have made the right decisions for your child and I believe I have.  Your better off trying something than doing nothing!!  I wish nothing but the best to everyone and keep staying strong!! 


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