Brittle Bone Disorders Consortium

An Important Part of the OI Foundation Research Program



The Brittle Bone Disorders Consortium is part of the National Institutes of Health Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network. It is a multi-center program that focuses on understanding and providing better treatment options for all types of osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). In addition, the consortium will sponsor a state of the art Contact Registry for People with OI and implement training programs for physicians and scientists.

What this Means to People with OI

This program will speed up the pace of research and put useful information into practice much quicker than otherwise possible by:

Consortium Members

The Brittle Bone Disorders Consortium is a group of physicians, researchers and educators who are focused on learning more about osteogenesis imperfecta and developing new and better treatments to improve the care of people with OI.

Consortium Research Studies

Details for each study will be posted when they are open for recruiting participants.

Contact Registry for People with OI

This Consortium project is a state of the art registry of contact information for children and adults who have OI. It makes it possible to do the following:

To join the Contact Registry, go to

Medical Education Opportunities

The Brittle Bone Disorders Consortium, with the assistance of the OI Foundation, will work to bring up-to-date information about caring for people with OI to physicians and other health care providers:

Details for each event are posted on the Medical Professionals page of the OIF website.

Fellowship Opportunities

Information about fellowships for young investigators is posted under OIF Research Grants 

Check out the Brittle Bone Disorders Consortium’s (BBDC) first newsletter! Click Here to read about the BBDC’s partnership with the OIF, a message from the first BBDC participant, current studies, and more.


Last Updated October 2017

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