50,000 Lives, One Unbreakable Spirit®

A campaign to improve the lives of people living with osteogenesis imperfecta as we work to find a cure.
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The Goals

1. Help 50,000 people
2. Fund 40,000 hours of research

The OI Foundation, with your help, will raise $10 million over four years to improve the lives of people living with OI. We can do it.

Growing the knowledge—we need to know more and we need to know now.
Sharing the knowledge—we need to make sure that every person living with OI has the most up to date information possible so they can make informed decisions about their health.

How Your Support Changes Lives

Your gift will help the OI Foundation:

  • Accelerate the pace of OI research
  • Hold scientific and clinical meetings that focus on finding improved treatments for people living with OI
  • Advocate for increased OI research funding on Capitol Hill
  • Continue to provide medically verified information on OI to professionals, parents, caregivers and people living with OI
  • Provide opportunities for people with OI to connect including the OIF website, social networking sites like Facebook and the OI Foundation National Conference

1 of the 50,000

sophs car.jpgSophia, a baby girl born with OI, was the first that hospital had seen in 20 years. When a scan was taken of little Sophia, “the whole screen lit up” both with healing fractures and current breaks, her parents said. Until she was four, Sophia could not sit up because it would hurther too much whenever her legs reached a 90 degree angle. Respiratory problems required the use of supplemental oxygen.

Sophia’s parents, Cathy and Robert, explained the dilemma faced by many families, “When you go to a doctor and the doctor doesn’t know(about OI), where do you turn?” Thanks to rodding surgery and drug therapiesthey learned about through the OI Foundation’s Information Center, Sophia has now begun to crawl on her own! 

“I don’t know where Cathy would have been four years ago without the OI Foundation” remembers Robert. He added that if there is a cure, it will likely result from ground work laid by the OI Foundation. “Raising money will benefit everyone with OI. If something doesn’t benefit us, Sophia may have children 20 years from now.”


Our Unbreakable Spirit®

50,000 people, enough to fill a football stadium, live with a genetic disease that makes their bones fragile, causing them to easily break. A person living with OI may experience hundreds of fractures in their lifetime causing them pain and forcing them to rearrange their life every time they have a new fracture. Each person with OI is different and so are their challenges. But despite their fragile bones and other health complications, people living with OI are successful in so many ways and possess what can only be called an Unbreakable Spirit®.


With your help, we can do it!
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