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National Osteogenesis Imperfecta Awareness Week  

Expanding Our Community 

May 3-10, 2014

 Start planning for the most exciting week of the year!



National OI Awareness Week, originated from and is scheduled around Wishbone Day (an international OI Awareness Day on May 6th). During Awareness Week, we encourage the OI community, Foundation, and supporters to use fundraising events, social media, and individual state proclamations to raise awareness for osteogenesis imperfecta.

The theme for National OI Awareness Week 2014 is SHARE your Unbreakable Spirit®! Expanding our community will not only raise awareness, but also create opportunities for change and support.

Our goal for National OI Awareness Week 2014 is to educate everyone we know (and don't know) on the issues and effects OI can have on a family. We can do it!

Since February 1, 2014 we have been tracking the amount of people we reach through social media.

Sharing and Retweeting is easy and effective! Share the OI Foundation posts ( and tweets (@OIFoundation) with your social media circle. In 2013, we reached over 50,000 people with our social media campaign - this year we will reach 100,000!

Share with us how you introduced others to osteogenesis imperfecta. Did you share Facebook posts, hold an event, get a state proclamation, hang posters? We want to know who you educated and how! Email to share your story.

Get involved in Awareness Week 2014!

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Hang Up Posters in Your Community

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Angelo Collazo - Alle Shea Walk 12.jpgTHANK YOU

To everyone who helped make the 2013 National OI Awareness Week such a success!

  • 11 cities and states proclaimed May 4-11, 2013 National OI Awareness Week
  • Over 300 people participated in the OIF's National Blue Jeans for Better Bones Day
  • More than 50,000 people were reached through our National OI Awareness Week social media campaign!

We urge you to contact us at to plan your own OI awareness event for OI Awareness Week 2014!  

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