Fact Sheets & Information Papers

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Adaptive Equipment

Adult Health Issues

Bisphosphonate Q&A

Bisphosphonate Statement

Bone Mineral Density

Bone Structure in OI

Career Planning for Students with OI

Child Abuse Facts

Child Abuse (Is this OI?)

Clinical Trials

Cochlear Implants

College Search Resources


Dental Care

Early Intervention


ER Management

Exercise & Activity

Fracture Management

Fast Facts

Financial Aid Resources



Hearing Chat Transcript

Hearing Loss

Hearing Tips


How To:
Bring Out The Best
In Your Healthcare Team


Learning to Drive

Learning to Drive Q&A


Osteoporosis and OI

Pain Management

Planning for Your Child's Surgery:  What Parents Need to Know Before, During, and After Their Child is in the Hospital

Pregnancy (women with OI)

Pregnancy (non-affected women)

Social and Emotional Issues
of Living with OI

Recessive OI

Relationships with Providers

Respiratory Concerns

Rodding Surgery

Summer Camps

Surgical Considerations

Swimming Q&A

Talking With Your Doctor

Talking with Your Orthopedist

Understanding Type I

What is Scoliosis?

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