Adults Living with OI

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Fact Sheets:

Adults & Fractures
Adult Health
Dental Considerations

Hearing Loss
Surgical Considerations
Social Security
Talking with your Doctor
Talking with your Orthopedist
Vertebral Compression Fractures
OI and Osteoporosis

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Sleep Studies
Vitamin D Research
Cause of Death in OI
Cochlear Implants: Personal Story

Questions & Answers:
Cochlear Implants
Hepatitis C
Respiratory Concerns
Exercise & Fitness
OI Issues:  Pregnancy Issues for Women with OI

Family Planning

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Web Communities
Connect to others affected by OI through to the chat room or an instant messaging service, or leave your thoughts, ideas or solutions on one of the new message forums!

Travel Tips
Most of the information was compiled to encourage/assist people attending conference, but it's applicable to any future travel plans.

Information about installing airbag cutoff switches in your vehicle.

Traveling by air with oxygen or a wheelchair is manageable, with proper advance planning.

Handle with Care Poster




New Studies:

Several centers across the United States are participating in a study on the effectiveness of Forteo as a treatment for adults with OI.Click here for details about the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD trial.  Click here for details about the Oregon Health Science University, Portland, OR trial

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