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OI Clinics offer the benefit of a medical team experienced with OI and able to coordinate care.  Regular appointments typically include time with a primary care doctor, orthopedist, and members of the rehabilitation team.  Additional appointments with other specialists are available as needed. See the OI Clinic Directory for details on services, locations and contact information. 

**An update has been made to the listing for the Kennedy Krieger Institute's OI Clinic as of the end of August 2015. For more information, please see the new directory or contact the OI Foundation by calling (301) 947-0083 or emailing**

Physician Referrals
For information about physicians who have experience with OI, please contact the Information Center at the OI Foundation office.  Call (301) 947-0083 or send an email to

JasonsFirstDayBooks, booklets and brochures are fully described in the online store. Many of these resources are Adobe Acrobat files and can be read online or printed for your use. Download the free Adobe Acrobat reader here, if needed. 

Therapeutic Strategies for OI: A Guide for Physical and Occupational Therapists
Available through Online Store or as a PDF

Caring for Infants and Children with OI
Available through Online Store or as a PDF (Spanish Version)

Introduction to Osteogenesis Imperfecta: A Guide for Medical Professionals, Individuals and Families Affected by OI
Available through Online Store or as a PDF

The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation
Available through Online Store or as a PDF

Growing Up with OI: A Guide for Children (see Online Store)

Jason’s First Day 
(see Online Store)

Emily's First Day (see Online Store)

Handle with Care

Fact Sheets
The OI Foundation has published fact sheets on many topics related to understanding and living with OI. The following list is in alphabetical order.

New! Pneumonia Vaccine

About OI
Fast Facts about OI

Understanding Type I OI
Social & Emotional Issues of Living with OI

Adults and OI
Maintaining Health
    Adults & Fracture Care


Babies and OI
Pregnancy: Women who have OI
Pregnancy: Expecting a Child with OI

Infant Care Suggestions for Parents

Bone Mineral Density
Bone Structure

Medicines for OI: Bisphosphonates
Question and Answers
     Bisphosphonate Statement
Fracture management
Physical Therapy and Exercise
Exercise & Activity

Child Abuse
    Child Abuse Issues
    Child Abuse or Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Doctors and Hospitals
Medical Research/Clinical Trials
Emergency Department Management
Talking with your Orthopedist
Talking with your Primary Care Physician
Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care

     Education Issues
     Preparing to Send My Child to School

Career Planning for Students with OI
Checklist for College Accommodations
Guidelines for College Selection Process


Planning a Family

Financial Planning for Parents
Understanding Social Security

ealth Issues

Dental Care
Flu Facts

Hearing Loss and OI
Pain Management
Respiratory Issues

Life Skills

Adaptive Equipment
Adapting Vehicles for Drivers with OI
Learning How to Drive


     What is Scoliosis
     Vertebral Fracture Prevention
Vertebral Fracture Information

    Anesthesia Information
    Planning for a Child’s Surgery

    Surgery Considerations for Adults & Children
    Rodding Surgery

Video Learning Center

Videos based on interviews with medical experts, parents of children who have OI and adults who have OI will be posted here as they become available. All information in the videos is reviewed by OI Foundation medical advisors.

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