Guidelines For College Selection Process
For Students Who Have OI
Planning for college is an exciting and time consuming process. Here are a few suggestions of topics for students who have OI and their parents to jointly explore in order to find a balance between the student's needs and interests. It doesn't pay to attend an accessible college that doesn't have the major you wish to pursue or attend a famous college where you can not easily get into the labs and dorms.
You will want to work with a good college counselor and your high school's guidance department. Most colleges and universities have web sites. This is a good place to start, and can provide you with the information for communicating with the offices for students with special needs or if the college does not have an office, with the administrator who is responsible for coordinating services for students with disabilities. You can learn a lot about how the campus is organized and what special services are available before scheduling a visit.
When you visit, you will want to evaluate the terrain, the weather, the distance from dorm or parking lot to dining hall, and classrooms. Check out the availability of public transportation to, from or on campus, laundry facilities and health care. If you are considering residing on campus, you will need to see several dorms and evaluate the room size, furniture, closets, and restroom features. Some colleges have special accessible dorm rooms similar to ADA hotel rooms, either in a separate building, or within an existing dorm.
These suggestions are necessarily quite general. Be sure to consider your type of OI, and your daily needs, as you go through the college search process.

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