Why should you register?

Registering on this site is the first step in truly "getting connected" to the OI community and the Foundation offices. While registering is certainly not required, it will make it easier to access the information that's important to you, and make it easier for the Foundation to serve you and the needs of the community.


The benefits of getting connected...


Access to Chats and List Serves
In order to protect your privacy while chatting, and to ensure access is limited to members of the OI community, the Foundation has made registering and logging on to our website a requirement for entering an official chat room or discussion forum, and using the instant message function. Since we'll soon be adding a number of chat rooms and "peer support" forums, this should be reason enough to get connected!


Update Notification
Once registered, we'll let you know (via e-mail) when updates have been made to the site. No more surfing only to find that nothing's changed... you'll have the most accurate and up-to-date information one click away from your mailbox.

Accurate Records
The information you provide when registering will be synchronized with our mailing lists, which means you'll be saving the Foundation money and allowing us to focus on programs, not on returned mail and increased postage costs. No more lost or late newsletters or renewal notices...

And before you ask; you won't receive unsolicited mail, we don't sell, rent or give our e-mail or address lists to anyone, and your snail-mail box won't be flooded. We're simply using this forum to allow you to make address changes and to clean up our current lists.


Improved Services and Information
Most of the services and information resources from the Foundation are funded by grants, which are directly tied to the demographics of the population we serve. Registering helps us compile real numbers to use when applying for grants. This greatly increases our chances of recieving additional funding and ensures the groth of the foundation.

Fact sheets, clinic referrals, even research and education programs are dependent on grant money. Registering will directly impact the quality and quantity of the services the Foundation can provide you and others affected by OI.

Greater Interaction
Would you like to share your story? Pass on a tip or suggestion that might make others' lives easier? Do you want the world to see the picture of your son or daugher with thier first trophy, or taking that first step that doctor's warned might never happen?

This is your web site, and we want to tell your story. Once registered, you'll have the ability to upload pictures, stories and other information directly to the site. If you don't register, the upload options aren't available to you.


Hassle-free shopping and resource requests
Registering greatly streamlines the shopping process, makes responding to your requests for reprints or information considerably easier on the staff, and allows you to send donations directly to the foundation with a credit card (which reduces our overhead and increases the impact of your generosity).

Generally speaking, the more information you provide during the registration process, the easier it is for us to serve you.

The Foundation is developing or discussing the potential development a variety of directories for members' use; a directory of OI clinics and services, a community directy and a business directory. Access will be limited to those who are members of the foundation and registered on the site.


Event Management & RSVPS
If you're registered on the site, you'll be able to RSVP and/or register to any upcoming OI Foundation event (excluding this year's conference... sorry) online. You'll also have access to an on-line calendar so you'll know what's happening in the community, and you'll have the opportunity to add your support group or fund-raising event, as well.


"Get Connected" - REGISTER NOW!


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