Dear Fellow Chatters,

The OI Foundation chat room is a Java-based program, run through third-party software. The vendor was chosen after an extensive search and three days of testing to ensure maximum connectability.

Unfortunately, it does have some limitations:

ALL USERS/PLATFORMS:  When you click on the "chat now" button, a command is sent from your computer to our server, asking our server to download the necessary Java scripts to load the chat room. If you have your computer's security settings on "high," or have customized your security settings, your computer may not allow the command to be sent or the script to be uploaded.

Also, a "no cookies" setting on your browser can cause compatibility issues. See your browser's "help" function for details on how to lower your security level while chatting. 

You may also be "prompted," asking if you want to upload the file or "trust" the data being sent to your computer. Clicking "no" on these prompts will abort the loading process and you will not have access to the chat room. Check with your web browser's documentation for more information on security settings.

Additionally, it may take up to two minutes to load the "logon" button, then another one to two minutes for the command to reach our server and the script to be uploaded. Especially if you are logging on at a peak time, please be patient and give the page(s) time to load.

Finally, we have had a number of chatters report that their screen saver tries to load while they're chatting, completely locking up their computer and forcing them to restart. Your screen saver or power saver settings may interfere with the chat room. If they do not "recognize" that the java script is running, they may try to initiate. If your computer allows you to enter the chat room, but then goes blank or locks up after a few minutes, turn off your screen saver.


AOL Users: Java scripts are not well supported by AOL. The best way to join the chat will be to connect to the internet as usual with AOL, then minimize AOL and open Internet Explorer or Netscape. Access our web site through that connection rather than through AOLs web browser, and you should have no problem connecting to the chat room.

Netscape Users: Netscape has solved most of the Java compatibility issues with their latest release. If you're having difficulty connecting to the chat room, check to see that you're using the most up-to-date version of their software.

MAC Users: Mac users may have the most problems accessing the chat room. You'll need the latest version of Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) from DigiChat may run with versions MRJ 2.0 or earlier, but the software no longer supports that configuration.


Help us resolve these issues!  You can assist us in identifying and resolving the compatibilty issues by sending a description of the problems you encountered (and if applicable, how you resolved them) to Please include information about what type of computer and which browser you are using, as well as the exact wording in any error messages you received.

We deeply regret any inconvenience or frustration these issues have caused.
If you're still having problems, let us know by writing to the below addresses. Thank you for your understanding and patience, and we look forward to chatting with you!


Susie Wilson
OIF Chat Host Coordinator

Bill Bradner
OIF Dir of Communications & Events

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