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Website for the National Adoption Center - Includes helpful information about the adoption process.

Little People of America Adoption Resource Page- Provides general information on adoption resources

The Department of Health & Human Services Administration for Children and Families sponsors this website. It provides information about children who are available for adoption anywhere in the United States.

Love Basket, Inc. is a private nonprofit adoption agency. The site offers up-to-date information about US and International adoptions.


Children with OI who are Reported to be Available for Adoption

All information in this section is provided by recognized state agencies. It is up to the prospective parents to contact the identified agency to learn more about any specific child. The OI Foundation is not an adoption agency, or an agent for any adoption agency. This information is provided as a service to those who may wish to adopt a child who has OI.

If you know of a child with OI who is available for adoption and who is not listed, contact


Care Options for Adults Living with Disabilities- Visit
for information about Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Home Care.





Jeanie Coleman Impact Grant Program

Funded and administered by the Children’s Brittle Bone Foundation and the OI Foundation, the Jeanie Coleman Impact Grant program offers direct support to individuals and families by providing products or services that will greatly improve their quality of life. Items that have been awarded in the past include wheelchairs, orthotics, hearing aids, and modified vans. The application cycle opens every year in January and closes in February. If you have any questions about this program, please email


Angel Flight arranges free air transportation for people who need to travel to receive lifesaving medical treatment, but lack the means.


Check out what other OI organizations around the world are up to! 

Click here to view newletters sent out by OIFE (Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe)

OIFE Magazine 1 - 2018

Care4BrittleBones Newsletter

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