Dear Members,

David Morrison served as chat room monitor with wit, tact, and love. For almost two years he welcomed old and new visitors, kept the dialogue focused on people who needed advice or support, and still managed to keep up with lighthearted "chatter." He frequently contacted OI Foundation staff following a chat to make sure that a participant got the extra help he or she needed.

David also founded and coordinated the Central California OI Support Group located in Fresno. At the OI Foundation's 1998 and 2000 National Conferences he served as a support group leader and hosted a luncheon allowing chat room participants to meet face-to-face.

David was a teaching assistant to a 6th grade class in a Fresno public school and managed a summer sports camp for children in his community. Besides his work with the OI Foundation, David served as a mentor through the Big Brother Big Sister organization.

David passed away March 21, 2001. The OI Foundation's chat rooms are dedicated to his memory.

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