Jamie Kendall Fund for OI Adult Health
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Jamie Kendall was a woman of unparalleled energy, passion, enthusiasm, kindness, compassion, and generosity.  

As President of the OI Foundation Board of Directors, Jamie set a high standard for leadership to improve the lives of people with OI. As a volunteer, she supported, counseled, and inspired countless people with OI and their loved ones. Beyond her family, friends and work on behalf of Americans with disabilities, Jamie was passionate about empowering the adult OI community in the areas of education, employment and their unique health concerns.  In all she did, Jamie encouraged adults with OI to push beyond themselves and plan for a healthy future. 

The Jamie Kendall Fund for OI Adult Health was created in her honor. The program, which is part of the OI Foundation’s Adult Health Initiative, will raise funds and awareness to improve the health and quality of life for adults living with OI.

The goal is to raise $250,000 in two years to fund a promising pulmonary study, provide training opportunities for medical professionals nationwide so that they are better educated on issues affecting adults with OI, and develop health management guidelines.

The Funding Need

To achieve our goals, it is critical for us to raise $250,000 to fully fund the following over the next two years:

A clinical study through the Brittle Bone
Disorders Consortium focusing on
pulmonary issues and the risk of serious complications from poor lung function or poor respiratory function


Expert training for medical professionals through workshops and exhibits at
professional meetings including Ask the 
Expert  sessions with Dr. Jay Shapiro


Electronic and printed resources and web


Total Cost


Jamie Kendall Fund for OI Adult Health





100 percent of goal achieved.

Please help us continue Jamie's work by making a gift today.

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Watch members of the OI community raise funds for
the Jamie Kendall Fund initiative 
at the 2016 Fine Wines Strong Bones Gala.