Join Us WNW 2018Walk-n-Wheel Baltimore Route Updated

Let's show our Unbreakable Spirit®. Together.

Online Registration is now closed! Registration will be available on-site. 

Set your fundraising goal that you wish to reach by the walk-n-wheel on July 12, 2018. We've written a little bit to get you started, but you should take a moment to personalize your page with your story and a picture of yourself. Be sure to keep your page updated!

Share your page on social media and send out emails to all your family and friends to invite them to support you with a donation. We've written a few emails to get you started, but your friends and family want to hear from you so we encourage you to personalize your emails as well. Be sure to share your personalized page often!

Check-in! On Thursday, July 12th, Walk-n-Wheel check-in will begin at 3:30pm in the Maryland Foyer on the 5th floor of the Rennaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. This will be the time to pick up t-shirts, hand in any additional donations and receive your wristbands for entry into the aquarium. Team Captains will be given the team sign, t-shirts and wristbands for their entire team

Walk-n-Wheel! At 5:30pm, we will meet outside the hotel at the corner of South Street and E. Pratt Street and the walk-n-wheel will officially begin. The route will follow E. Pratt Street two blocks before turning onto Pier 3 to the finish line located in a courtyard in front of the National Aquarium. The entire walk-n-wheel route is half-mile from start to finish, but please do not push yourself. If you cannot complete the course, tell an OIF staff member. 

After-hours tour of the National Aquairum

Enjoy an after-hours tour of the National Aquarium for FREE when you sign up for the National Unbreakable Spirit® Walk-n-Wheel and raise a minimum of $25! Enter the world of 'Blue Wonders' and enjoy breathtaking harbor views and access to four levels of exhibits, with the Blacktip Reef at the heart of it all. All exhibits are wheelchair accessible and there are two elevators available.

National Aquarium Blacktip Reef

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"The thing about fundraising is, people are often more likely to give generously if it is a cause you are passionate about. With OI being such a big part of our lives, friends were more than willing to donate to help us reach our fundraising goal. No amount is too small, as it all goes towards the OIF being able to continue doing amazing things to support the OI community. So when you set up your team page from the templates available, make sure to include your personal story. The OI community is like family to us, and I believe that comradeship resonates with all of us. I can't wait to help everyone reach their fundraising goals for 2018!"   

-Sarah Kamal (Toronto, Canada)


"Most people are uncomfortable with the idea of asking people to donate money. Even when it's for a very good cause that is personally meaningful to them. That's where we come in. "We" being your fundraising co-chairs and the superb team at the OI Foundation. We're going to help you every step of the way with tools, templates, personal advice and an infectious OI-Can enthusiasm. Whether your personal goal is to raise $200 or $20,000, we'll be here to support and empower every member of our OI family. We're all in this together!"  

–Erin Ortiz (Potomac, Maryland)


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