50,000 Laps, One Unbreakable Spirit®

City of Plano Swimmers

Seth Stubblefield -COPS alum, Cal Berkely graduate and Olympic Trials Qualifier- has challenged all COPS swimmers to join the 50,000 Laps – One Unbreakable Spirit® Challenge and support his effort, to raise funds for the Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) Foundation. Seth remembers fondly his time swimming for COPS, and wants to help children with OI have the opportunity to enjoy the sport of swimming (most prescribed treatment option for OI kids) that has brought him so much joy.

What is Osteogenesis Imperfecta or OI?

OI is a genetic disorder affecting collagen production that is characterized by brittle bones, as well as numerous other afflictions, including respiratory distress, vision and hearing issues, and rotten teeth. It was traditionally thought of as a rare disease, although its incidence is becoming more common. Depending on the severity of the disorder in the respective person, a person can live a somewhat normal life, albeit while experiencing significantly more fractures than the normal person, or he/she can be dead by their 3rd birthday.

What is the 50,000 Laps – One Unbreakable Spirit Challenge?

50,000 Laps – One Unbreakable Spirit® Challenge! Commit to swimming any number of laps to help us reach our goal of collectively swimming 50,000 laps – to represent the 50,000 people with OI in the United States. You can swim by yourself or with a team, all in one day or over the month of May. However you do it, we would like you to register online, log your laps and watch as we come together as members of a community and reach our goal of swimming 50,000 laps and raising $150,000 for the OI Foundation!

How can we help?

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Click the on this link and either make a donation or join our team and follow the prompts to register as a team memeber.
  2. Once you have registered, you will be taken to your participant center.  Here you can update your personal swim page.  We've written a little bit to get you started, but you should take a moment to personalize your page with a picture of yourself and a greeting that explains how osteogenesis imperfecta has affected you.  Set your personal swim and fundraising goals and make sure to come back to update the number of laps you have completed.
  3. Send out emails to all your family and friends to invite them to support you with a donation as you strive to complete your challenge.  Post on social media often! Be sure to tag the OI Foundation and use the hashtags #SwimForOI and #50000Laps as well as posting the link to the COPS fundraising page.

When is the deadline?

At practice on May13th we will swim laps that will be counted towards the 50,000 Laps – One Unbreakable Spirit® Challenge. Fundraising for the OI foundation will take place throughout the month of May.

Although our organization just finished Swim A Thon, we could not turn down the plea from our alum, for such a worthy cause related to swimming. Any amount of donations you can raise or donate will be appreciated by the COPS staff, Seth Stubblefield, and the OI Foundation. If nothing else, we hope to raise awareness of this devastating illness a long with making our own swimmers aware of their many blessings.

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